Shadow of punishment

Shadow of punishment

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You will think you have figured it all out, but turning the page will reveal that the game is not over yet.

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In a scenario where the protagonists’ lives apparently seem not to be connected, hidden truths emerge and link them to one another. The hypocritical masks wore by each of them slowly dissolve after the homicide of a young psychologist, showing the malice that makes them both victims and authors of unspeakable crimes. Two sisters, a couple of lovers and a fake marriage create an explosive mix where love is overwhelmed by hate. A tragic and vital plot where passion, betrayal, blackmail and revenge bring the characters’ lives to their limits. All this, characterized by hypocrisies that will be the explosivefuse of dramatic events.

It will be detective Nardi to investigate, who will be forced to deal with his own past in order to solve the case.


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“This thriller, which takes place in Italy, is well structured on all levels, technically basing on the American style. The dialogues and descriptions allow us to read fast and smoothly, without pausing, and reaching the next chapter without even realizing it.
Jacques Oscar Lufuluabo uses the proper language for all his characters, the right terms at the right time, and high-level psychology that ensures that the suspense typical of a good thriller lingers throughout the book. If they didn’t know the author or the title of the book, the lovers of this genre could easily confuse the thriller Shadow of punishment for a book by John Grisham or Jeffery Deaver.” – Passione Lettura


“An unconventional crime novel with the characteristics of a thriller; a book that reveals the great job done in laying its foundation. Even if it may appear a little slow in the beginning, in the second part of the book, every piece of the puzzle finds its perfect collocation.” –


“Shadow of punisment” is the English version of “L’ombra del castigo”, more times featured in the Amazon Top 100 list.


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Available in e-book and paperback.

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